About Us

Phoenix International A/S was found in 1907 in Denmark and has more than 100 years of research and study

experience covering arrays of bitumen and bituminous products. Another Phoenix International joint venture

is Frontier Bitumen Company, which has its plant office located in Sulaymaniyah in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.

We are located near Iranian border and integrated market center in KRG. We have two-pronged approach,

to export with pleasure and represent overseas interest to import gap_based merchandises to serve domestic


Frontier Bitumen Company export 300 thousand metric tons (Around 1000 TPD) all grades of bitumen

internationally through (Bandar Abbas port) in Iran, to around 12 Asian countries mainly India, Africa,

and European countries.



Frontier Bitumen Company, produces 250,000 MT paving bitumen and 50,000 MT oxidized bitumen annually.

In addition, we have proficiencies to provide all grades of polymer modified bitumen, cut back bitumen and

emulsified asphalt.


Currently, Frontier company has started extended project for installation second Vacuum distillation unit

(VDU) in accordance with international standards, to extend the range of bituminous products and improvement

in the quality of the products.

Frontier Company is a subsidiary of Fox Group which is located in Shwsha Building, Sulaymaniyah, Iraq.




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